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Becky Cullen is fond of all kinds of potatoes. Her poems dip in and out of the different lifetimes experienced by someone (still) living in their home town. ‘Majid Sits in a Tree and Sings’ was a winner of the Poetry Business pamphlet competition; her debut collection ‘A Reader’s Guide to Time’ won the Live Canon competition. 

Here is the text and a poetry film of my poem ‘How to Hang Washing’  – film by Rebecca Goldsmith 

How to Hang Washing

It must be spring. There should be blackthorn

blossom, a smudge of sun across your cheek.

From your patch of earth, you’ll hear the crest

of chatter from the playground at the school.

These pegs nip snugly, in time with magpie

calls, as your arms lift, stretch, clip, repeat.


Birgit Friedrich, originally from Germany, found her home in Nottingham in her thirties and has never looked back. Nottingham also serves as the setting for her novel, What I Never Knew About Love.
She hopes to finish the final edits of her novel soon so that she can return to writing poetry.

Some of her poems can be found in the anthology Settlement Status and Poetry for All, published by Civic Leicester in 2021.

After completing her MA in Creative Writing at NTU, she co-founded Dandelion’s Poetry, a local poetry group.

When she’s not writing or reading, you can find Birgit at poetry events and pubs, enjoying a glass of wine or two with her incredible friends.